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The Journey Begins

Hey y’all!

Know your passion. Follow It. Dream It. Live It.

Welcome! This journey to creating my very own travel blog was not easy In fact, this was a topic of discussion that my friends would constantly tell me to do after every trip and I found every excuse in the book why I should not do one. Many of my friends and those that would talk to be about traveling would tell me I should create a travel blog to document my trips, which would in turn help them with their own trip planning and helpful tips. I kept dragging my feet for YEARS and saying no because I truly felt like everyone already had a travel blog or their own travel Instragram pages and whatnot. But then, one day I told myself…why not showcase MY travel journey? Everyone travels different and you just truly never know who you may inspire or assist with their own travel plans, dreams, or goals. I sit back and watch so many of my friends go after their passions and when people ask me what I’m passionate about, my three major things are: traveling, sneakers, and animals. SOOOO, It’s time for me to go after my passion too! Here it is…Kicking It Around the World!

“Kicking It Around the World” is my journey on all sorts of adventures around the world, WHICH will also document my huge love for sneakers captured along as part of my trips. Since I started traveling heavy back in 2012, the only thing I would use to track my trips were that I would make travel books or just albums on Facebook. This blog will help me unload pictures and my experiences from my trips and better document them. My blog are views from my own personal experience.

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